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Kanika Kohli | Life Coach

“At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want.”  ― Lao Tzu

“Everybody needs a coach… every famous athlete, every famous performer, has somebody who’s a coach… someone who can help them see themselves as others see them.”

Eric Schmidt, former CEO, Google 

The answers to our biggest problems always lie deep within us. Yes, YOU and you alone have the power to unlock all of the answers to solve all complex issues of your life like - relationship issues, professional challenges, anger problem, hopelessness, confusion, sadness, anxieties, and others.

Remember the problems, expectations, and experiences of your life are unique and it can never match to any other person’s problems and situations. Hence no outsider’s advice can give you as much as effective results as the answers from your subconscious mind can give you.


Kanika Will Help with These Aspects of Your Love Life, Relationships and Career

Why You Should Have a Life Coach Session?

BUT accessing our inner answers is not easy, especially when people get stuck in intense or cyclic problems of life like issues related to relationship, profession, career, mood etc? This is because in our day to day life, our thoughts get cluttered with daily tasks, and our minds are overwhelmed with a mess of small, endless emotional incidents. Under these conditions, trying to go deep with our sub-consciousness, realise what we really need, what is really bothering us,  reflect on your aspirations is like trying to produce a fine piece of art on a desk cluttered with random paperwork.

Life coach like Kanika Kohli can help you take a step back and look at your entire self, not just the parts of you that immediately demand your attention. A person is a complex mesh of intertwined life-domains — your career, finances, health, family, romantic and social life, etc. 

When things go well in one part of your life, this positivity spreads to other areas. For example, a fun job and money in the bank frees your mind and energy to spend more time with your family and be a caring romantic partner. You then show up happy at the office, and as a result, your career advances even further. Studies demonstrate that the holistic approach used by coaches results in greater success, a more balanced life, and improved wellbeing for clients.

 About Life Coach Kanika Kohli

Life Coach Kanika Kohli

Kanika Kohli, Founder of Kanika Life Coaching, PGDEM (Gold Medalist), Inner Most Shift Coach, NLP Certified, Life Coach, ICF ACSTH

Coming from a business family with experience of creating value for the country generation after generation, Kanika carved a different path and was black sheep of sorts in the family when she chose to go out and work for someone else. The beginnings were humble as a Key Account Manager at one of the leading MNC banks in India, a decade and a half ago! With her degree in Finance from IMT Ghaziabad followed by studying strategy and capital structure courses from Manchester Business School and London Business School, Kanika carved an enriching professional journey for herself. The journey was very meaningful one for Kanika with her work with clients in the US, Singapore and far east in Consulting and coaching business managers and leaders in becoming successful using their innate talents. Kanika started her entrepreneurial journey 6 years ago with her venture promoting Vegan lifestyle. In the Vegan space, Kanika coaches people on health and lifestyle transformation. Kanika now successfully runs a multi crore business in contractual manpower and consulting services business alongside being a Life and Inner Most shift Coach to individuals.

Kanika finds her calling in helping people connect with their own unique self and drive the innermost shift and grow in their lives to achieve their desired outcomes. In her journey as a Coach, Kanika makes it all about the client and helps them find the best for themselves.

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E-mail: kohli.kanika@gmail.com

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